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Sweet Binks celebrated our 20th year in 2022! From 2002 until 2017, Sweet Binks operated primarily as a state licensed shelter for abandoned and neglected domestic rabbits and other farm animals.  It was very successful with rescue and placement of over 3300 rabbits and many other farm animals.  In 2017, we turned our primary mission to wildlife rehabilitation for injured or orphaned wildlife in northern Rhode Island.  We sadly, are no longer assisting domestic rabbits to protect both wild and domestic rabbits from RHDV.  Sweet Binks is state and federally permitted for most all species of wildlife but specializes in fawns, RVS (rabies vector species such as skunks and bats) and songbirds and raptors.  We are narrowing our focus of rehabilitation to these species but are available if needed urgently or after hours for other species.   We hope to have your support helping us care for some of our greatest treasures in Rhode Island.  YOU make it possible and we hope to share our many successes with you. 

rescued fawn
Orphaned fawn from Coventry
Carolina Wren

We intake so many species of birds each year.  One of our biggest expenses is live mealworms, wax worrms, crickets and other supplies needed to raise them.

Baltimore Oriole

We raise many orphaned songbirds from hatchlings to release!


We assist with many birds, raptors, waterfowl, gamebirds and more each year.


Hatchling Bluebird
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