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If you find injured or orphaned wildlife, please CALL US at 401-623-1340 promptly for instruction or intake arrangement.  The sooner you call and the quicker you can get injured/orphaned wildlife to us, the greater the chances of a successful rehabilitation and release back to the wild.  Please be certain the young bird or animal (fawn) is truly orphaned.  No kidnapping! If you suspect you have an injured or orphaned groundhog, baby skunks or other rabies vector species (fox, bat, raccoon, etc.), please do not handle/touch bare handed.  No bare skin to fur contact and try to keep any gloved contact to a minimum.  State regulations require euthanasia of rabies vector species that have been handled inappropriately.  Again make a phone call the FIRST thing you do.  Understand that possessing/caring for wildlife without a permit is illegal so reach out to us ASAP. Call us!  Thank you.

Tel: 401-623-1340 Mailing Address: PO Box 415 Foster, RI 02825 Directions/exact location given as needed give

Tel:  401-623-1340


Mailing Address: PO Box 415 Foster, RI 02825

Exact location/address given as needed

Please send us a message for general/non-urgent concerns or questions regarding our organization or wildlife. Sweet Binks is not accepting domestic rabbits.  Thank you!

Success! Message received. We will answer as soon as possible!

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Did you know that trapping and relocating wildlife in RI is prohibitated?  To read more:

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