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Unfortunately, Sweet Binks will be closed for assistance for the 2024 season to address a personal health issue.  Please use Animal Help Now to find your closest, licensed wildlife rehabilitator for whatever species you have.  Please LEAVE MESSAGES if call not immediately answered!  Keep injured/orphaned wildlife warm/dark and stress free, away from pets, children & household activities.  Please DO NOT attempt to give WATER or FOOD!  The sooner you find professional/licensed help, the better the outcome.
Check out this awesome video by Simply New England on Sweet Binks Rescue!
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Animal Talk and Rhode Island PBS had Sweet Binks as a guest talking about wildlife rehabilitation!  Check out the four episodes with Sweet Binks and other rescues at

Sweet Binks Episodes:

Huge thanks to Animal Talk and Rhode Island PBS for this fantastic work!

Great, big thank you's to everyone who donated recently as we have a zoo quality, new aviary for medium sized birds!  We are thrilled with this new aviary and recently released a Eastern Screech Owl from it.  It also housed our Belted Kingfishers and crows until release!  We are now building a large bat flight enclosure and could sure use the support for the building materials needed for that!
Young Eastern Screech Owl
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