What is happening now at Sweet Binks?

Sweet Binks had a crazy busy year in 2020!  We all did, right?   We had 551 wildlife intakes and took in 9 domestic rabbits.  We assisted 46 different species of birds and a total of 81 different species of wildlife including fawns, skunk babies, geese/ducks, turtles and even a toad!  We had a 62% release rate which we are pleased with, considering everything that comes to us, comes to us for a reason, they are in trouble.
We built an outdoor enclosure to raise fawns in prior to release and we successfully released 4 fawns in 2020.  We overwintered 10 wildlife patients that were all released in early spring, with the exception of two Canada geese that are still with us.


Our large outdoor flight enclosure for large birds is going up and we hope to have it completed in the next few weeks!  We are doing more and more large bird species from our area and need a large space to condition them in, prior to release.  This is our most active fundraising goal right now as this is our most costly enclosure yet.  And we do need to fund-raise for the items we need and use for rehabilitation of so many species.  We would appreciate your support and generosity very much.  We are all volunteers at Sweet Binks. No rehabilitator here receives compensation, we do it because we are passionate about wildlife preservation and assisting those that need help. 

Same with domestic rabbits, we also focus on those that really need our help, abandoned/injured strayfrom our area and usually via animal control.

This beautiful bun and friends are looki

As of early May, we have taken in 131 wildlife patients so far this year.  Thank you for visiting our site and be sure to follow us on social media or here on our Gallery page!

Please consider supporting us with a donation today to help our wildlife!

Busy day here at Sweet Binks!  #scarlett