What is happening now at Sweet Binks?

Summer 2021 is a busy one!  We have close to 400 wildlife patients come in as of late July and have been quite busy in July with abandoned domesticated rabbits.  We have assisted 18 domestic rabbits so far this year, including a situation in which 2 dumped rabbits turned into 12 very quickly.  To view more: https://turnto10.com/news/local/domestic-rabbits-abandoned-in-east-greenwich-1-rescued?fbclid=IwAR0mUqwZxcL5f788yunR79nSpgPeYwqeOOj4KD4eDnrI-QoIoHHdem9Tzc4   

Also:  https://turnto10.com/news/local/domesticated-bunnies-abandoned-in-east-greenwich-now-being-cared-for-at-foster-rescue

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Sweet Binks got involved after numerous call and texts about 2 rabbits dumped on NEIT property and living under a shipping container.  We managed to trap the female and shortly after, babies were seen.  Two babies were caught and almost a week later, dad was trapped.  The female (mom) delivered 8 more babies shortly after being trapped and all 8 babies are doing well.  So 2 rabbits turned into 12 very quickly and we are glad the we managed to catch all rabbits out there and the breeding stops.  In September, baby bunnies will be available for adoption and if interested in adoption of indoor only and agree to spay/neuter when age appropriate, please give us a CALL.

We also took in 3 other domestic rabbit strays from Glocester, Pascoag and Woonsocket in July.  Including a blind, albino rabbit dumped in the woods.  Please contact your local shelters if you can not keep your rabbit.  Sweet Binks does not accept owner surrenders and focuses primarily on wildlife rehabilitation.

Our large outdoor flight enclosure for large birds is almost complete.  Unfortunately, we hit a snag with the sides (materials) due to backlog on production of materials due to covid.  We are hoping to have it completed soon and definitely ready for next season.  We are doing more and more large bird species from our area and need a large space to condition them in, prior to release.  This is our most active fundraising goal right now as this is our most costly enclosure yet.  And we do need to fund-raise for the items we need and use for rehabilitation of so many species.  We would appreciate your support and generosity very much.  We are all volunteers at Sweet Binks. We do it because we are passionate about wildlife preservation and assisting wildlife that needs help. 

Same with domestic rabbits, we also focus on those that really need our help, abandoned/injured stray from our area and usually via animal control.