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Latest at Sweet Binks!

Join us on Saturday March 18th for a Paint-Your-Pet (Animal) Fundraiser starting @ 2 pm at Anthony PNA Lodge 15 Meeting Street Coventry RI to Benefit Sweet Binks Rescue Inc!

Find a picture of your pet or animal that you want to paint and once decided on a picture, fill out the registration and upload a photo! The sign-up link is:  The cost is $40 per person.

You will be supporting Sweet Binks just in time for baby season to kick off and get an awesome painting YOU painted while having fun! There will be a cash bar and vegan food complimentary of Chef Jay’s Vegan Cooking School;

Art class by Some People's Pets:

Organized by Furry Fellas & Volunteers: 

Any questions, lease feel free to contact us and we hope to see a LOT of people there!

Huge thanks to Karen at Animal Talk and Rhode Island PBS for including Sweet Binks in their local digital series on Rhode Island PBS.  See the first Sweet Binks video segment and many others at:  or at:  Segment 2 at:
We are huge fans of BOTH here at Sweet Binks and are honored to be a part of this endeavor!  Thank you!

Thank you to all who have donated and supported Sweet Binks this past season! It was our busiest year yet!  We had over 570 intakes, including 95 different species!  We were RI's only White-Tailed Deer fawn rehabilitator this year and we released 6 healthy young deer in the late summer.  We took in a great amount of wild songbirds and raptors amid the HPAI (avian influenza) crisis and had to allocate funds for tests, PPE and other preventative measures.  We are currently over-wintering 2 Canada Geese, 3 Eastern Cottontails, A Eastern Bluebird and a chipmunk while also assisting other injured wildlife throughout the winter season.  We are grateful for your support!


We have had several patients already benefit from our new 40' flight enclosure that we finished in the spring of 2022!  This large pre-release enclosure ensures injured owls, hawks or other large birds are flying and are hunting properly prior to release.  Our patients have included Barred Owls, Great Horned Owl, Coopers Hawks, Red Shouldered Hawks, Red-tailed Hawks and an Osprey.  Huge thanks to EVERYONE who supported our fundraising goals to build this enclosure!  We keep making interior improvements on it and built a secondary door system. Supply chain issues were a problem so we improvised and it actually turned out even better!  We are very pleased with it.  Huge thanks to volunteers Saul, Brian, Matt and Johnny for their hard work getting this completed!

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